A Thank You Letter from the KWF

19 January 2017 • The Lastest News

We received a Thank you Letter from the KWF (Dutch Cancer Society) and we like to share it with you.

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Serious Second life: The first day

Serious2ndLife is already on its way for about 24 hours and it is such a good moment to look back at this past day. That first night was a real gem. The first proceeds of the redemption till 3AM was about L$70.000. Wow! Awesome! Also an attempt to escape came from host Quistis, but she… Read More ›

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The first Live Performers are known

During this event there are several Live artists from all over the world who will perform and donate their bennefits to this event. This year we have some great artists! One of them is the famous live artist Evely Lane. Evely is a Dutch artist with a big name in Second Life, and we are… Read More ›

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Evely Lane live in concert @ Serious 2nd Life

A moment ago Evely Lane gave a fabulous concert for the large and enthousiastic crowd of Serious 2nd Life. Visitors did requests for L$ 500 each. The total where for the purpose of the Dutch Cancer association of KWF

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Challenge by Robbie en Stellie for Quistis Hoorenbeek.

On Saturday the 3th of december there is a challenge by Robbie en Stellie for Quistis Hoorenbeek. Quistis will do her host shift in a cage with a prison suit and handcuffs. Proceeds : 15000L$  

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